LED – Light Emitting Diode

The “LED” (acronym for “Light Emitting Diode”) is a semiconductor device which emits light due to the flow of the electrical current.

The first visible LED in history was developed by General Electric in 1962. At the time these devices were small monochromatic lights (red), almost useless for lighting applications. They remained unchanged until the early ‘90s, when the first high-efficiency blue LEDs were developed, thanks to the work of S.Nakamura (Nichia), I.Akasaki and H.Amano (Nagoya Univ.), who was awarded the Nobel Prize for physics in 2014. Thus begins a new era of the modern lighting, with more and more efficient, versatile and reliable light sources.

Characteristics and benefits of LED lighting sources

50000 hours without flux variations
(if appropriately dissipated)

140 lm/W for low voltage LED modules
160 lm/W for low voltage LEDs

No maintenance costs due to the long lifetime

Linear Modules

R&D and a careful study of light have pushed LLD to realize the most performing technology offered in the lighting field.

LLD has developed linear LED modules capable of ensuring a high luminous flux, a stable color temperature, and a high color rendering (CRI >90).

Thanks to this technology – installed on all profiles – we offer to the market higher quality products compared to the classic LED Strip profiles, maintaining the same flexibility and the same price.

Water Protection System

An inappropriate installation of a lighting element may lead to infiltration through cables and so the entrance of water within the product. WP system is a device guaranteeing the protection against water infiltrations through cables.

IP68 Series

The “IP68” series is composed of fixtures for permanent immersion in fresh and salt water and allows the creation of spectacular lighting effects by using RGB LEDs. The products of this series are made of top-quality materials: high-efficiency LEDs, lenses to adjust the light beam, bodies entirely made of stainless steel AISI 316L (shiny or satinized), tempered glass and, if required, plastic housing boxes for underwater use.

The choice of selected components assures the durability and the ease of application and maintenance.

“IP68” products can be installed into traditional brickwork or prefabricated pools till a maximum depth of 3 m. The cable length can be customized.